Apple’s Magsafe - The Next Innovation In Wireless Charging

One of the most prominent technologies to feature with the launch of the 12th edition of Apple’s flagship device, they introduced MagSafe. A unique wireless charging technology that has been taken to the next level. Offering a magnetised ring to secure the charging contact points between the coils, MagSafe aims to deliver similar charging speeds as its wired counterparts. In concept, if users are receptive to this wonderful technology, Apple will definitely move towards a portless device that will definitely enhance its waterproofing and dust proofing abilities.


A quick google search with the search phrase, best fast MagSafe wireless charging station in USA populates the search results with a number of links that the users can use to order their MagSafe charges and become a part of the wireless future.


Though wireless charging was a prominent inclusion in most modern flagships, Apple’s near-perfect implementation will encourage the industry to move towards a new future as they are widely known as the industry trendsetters. Not only similar speeds to wired charging, but MagSafe also offers greater durability of the charging coils and the magnetic mechanism helps to hold the charging coils in place allowing for a more effective charging solution.